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Dumisani "King Cas" Moyo

Working with and knowing Cephas Williams By Dumisani "King Cas" Moyo

"I have known Cephas for just a little over a year now, our first encounter was on instagram where someone reposted a video that he had put up in a bid to inform people about some opportunities he'd gained access to. I contacted Cephas immediately and in a short period of time he got back to me and invited me to continue the conversation on whatsapp, I gathered quite instantly that C is a busy man so I was more than happy to be patient. A few weeks passed without making contact until a mutual contact of ours invited me to participate in the 56 Black Men campaign, as soon as I heard that Cephas was pulling together 56 phenomenal black men in a celebratory spirit I knew I had to contribute somehow. After finally meeting for the first time we spoke for a long time at his former studio space where he asked me a lot of questions which I gladly answered, we had a good connection from the start but I didn't foresee what an incredible view I was about to get in the months that followed. I didn't foresee getting the privilege to collaborate with such brilliance.

Since I met Cephas Williams in 2018 I got an immediate sense that he is very clued up, switched on and very intentional about all he does with his inward assets. What's more however is that I could see and feel his desire to give to our community as londoners, as young people - as black people! I knew from the beginning that I was dealing with a highly effective, thoughtful, compassionate, warm, kind, honest and an epic culture architect of a human being. What stands out to me about the gentleman is that he really is very attentive, he makes it a point to ensure that whoever he's speaking to, feels like the only person in the room. A truly special talent.

Something I find adds to the magnificence of Cephas Williams is his eloquence, the man is every bit "a south London boy" to the core and within that he operates his universe succinctly with acute precision and emboldened yet appropriately measured passion. He has an ability to take an unconventional character by corporate standards into a room filled with the world's best thinkers and culture architects, and mesmerise everyone there with his sharpness and uniquely formed intellect. Cephas is a captivating speaker, a brilliantly bright executor of vision but most importantly he is kind - a trait money simply cannot buy.

Truth be told I couldn't possibly say everything that would nearly encompass my version of the Cephas Williams experience, there wouldn't be enough time for you to read it all and an experience it is indeed so I'll close in saying this... our community, our world and our future can be looked at with much greater and truly genuine optimism because Cephas has his hand in them all and selflessly so. For this I am forever thankful."

Dumisani "King Cas" Moyo - Founder at Symphony Park

Picture of round table conversation with Cas and a few other men in the community at Drummer Boy Studios January 14th 2019.


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