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Cephas Williams


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Cephas In Cannes
Short Film 2022



Cephas Williams

Cephas Has Spoken At

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Cephas In Cannes - Nice, France
Key Note, Fireside Chat

"He's Able To Capture The Hearts And Minds Of His Audience In A Way That Is Indescribable"

"I've heard Cephas speak a number of times and each time it's like listening to him for the first time all over again. He's able to capture the hearts and minds of his audience in a way that is indescribable. Cephas spoke with such passion, strength, love and depth at the Arnadle centre. It was an intimate setting, and as his voice echoed through the shopping centre you could see and feel everyone including myself hanging on to every last word. He spoke words that not only resonate for the time we are in now, but words that will resonate just as strongly in years to come. It's a powerful thing to be able to speak to legacy  and in a way that ushers in change - and that is what he does each and every time he speaks, effortlessly.”


Person In Attendance



Portrait Of Black Britain - MIF, Manchester, UK
Key Note

"The spark that he is igniting in us as the younger generation is one that will take a lifetime to put out, because he's living proof that it is possible."

"Having the opportunity to experience Cephas, his team and to be a part of his movement was nothing short of surreal for a girl like me. Hearing him speak so passionately and highly of not only the reform he advocates for, but his wife and son makes his impact even more tangible. In a world that's become so fragmented, and where vulnerability is deemed to be dangerous, this man continues to genuinely wear his heart on his sleeve time and time again.


Listening to him speak, not only on his experiences, but on his desire to prevent anyone from facing the same adversities hit home during his keynote speech in the Arndale centre. Cephas isn't performative about any of it, he means what he says and the proof is in the pudding. His ability to bridge the gap between senior leadership and the average, marginalised individual is one to take note of. The spark that he is igniting in us as the younger generation is one that will take a lifetime to put out, because he's living proof that it is possible."


Michelle Tlhabologang - Portrait of Black Britain Participant #077


Key Note

"Cephas Brought A New And Powerful Perspective"

"Cephas spoke at our LEAD conference – the annual ‘summit’ for the leadership of the advertising industry – and brought a new and powerful perspective on diversity to our industry, through the story of how and why he created 56 Black Men. He’s an inspirational and challenging speaker – one of the LEAD delegates said that Cephas is one of the best 3 speakers he’d seen and he couldn’t remember the other two!’”


Stephen Woodford - CEO, Advertising Association


Change Makers Conference - US Embassy, London, UK

Fireside / Panel

"He's An Inspiring And Thought Provoking Speaker"

“Cephas is a superb speaker and I’ve seen first hand how he engages his audience, whether it’s an internal team event or on the largest of corporate stages. We’ve known each other for several years through his entrepreneurial endeavours prior to his important work with 56 Black Men. 


He has now got an important message to convey about breaking down stereotypes, changing the narrative around Black men and challenging people to do more than just talk about inclusion.


He’s an inspiring and thought provoking speaker and it is always a pleasure working with him.”


Nick Giles - Co-founder, Seven Hills


Roundtable Conversation - Drummer Boy Studios, 
South London, UK

"Most Importantly He Is Kind"

"Something I find adds to the magnificence of Cephas Williams is his eloquence, the man is every bit "a south London boy" to the core and within that he operates his universe succinctly with acute precision and emboldened yet appropriately measured passion. He has an ability to take an unconventional character by corporate standards into a room filled with the world's best thinkers and culture architects, and mesmerise everyone there with his sharpness and uniquely formed intellect. Cephas is a captivating speaker, a brilliantly bright executor of vision but most importantly he is kind - a trait money simply cannot buy.

Truth be told I couldn't possibly say everything that would nearly encompass my version of the Cephas Williams experience, there wouldn't be enough time for you to read it all and an experience it is indeed so I'll close in saying this... our community, our world and our future can be looked at with much greater and truly genuine optimism because Cephas has his hand in them all and selflessly so. For this I am forever thankful."



Dumisani "King Cas" Moyo - Founder, Symphony Park

Apple - London, UK

Key Note / Workshop

"I felt Motivated When Cephas Spoke"

My first impression of Cephas was someone I could relate to and his message resonated with me. When we had a conversation I felt comfortable reasoning with him as he seemed down to earth. 


When he spoke he was passionate, he was very confident and spoke with high energy. 


I felt motivated when Cephas spoke, I could relate to him and hearing him encouraged me to keep doing what I do. I think he can also motivate a lot of other young kings as well.


I really enjoyed the experience and learned and gained a lot from his keynote and workshop at Apple UK.


Malik Juma - 11 years old,  founder of ‘I Am King’


Key Note / Q&A

"He Brings Out The Best In The People Who Hear Him"

"Cephas speaks with authority as a man who is both an accomplished campaigner and an attentive listener. He glows with energy, curiosity and insightfulness and brings out the best in the people who hear him."



Ben Brabyn - Head of Level39


Cephas Williams

"I Felt Like I Was A Part Of History"

"I first met Cephas Williams when I was 10 at Miss Ghana UK Foundation round table event on youth violence. He had the longest conversation with other panelists normally when someone has a long conversation I fade away half way through but when Cephas spoke I sat up and listened the whole way through.


I met Cephas again in May 2019 at the Clear Channel Billboard launch in Peckham. My aunty and Mum were going and we went with them. I felt proud to be amongst so many inspirational men who are role models. I felt like I was part of history."



Alistair Osei-Bonsu  - 10 year old boy who attended the gathering

56 Black Men Billboard Launch - Peckham, London, UK


"He Gave Everyone A Glimpse Into What Is Possible"

“The Peckham Billboard Launch for 56 Black Men was a monumental occasion for all involved. For most, if not all, it was the first time we had seen ourselves on a billboard – even more than that, as a community, we are not used to seeing positive depictions of Black men in such a progressive and hard hitting way.


The atmosphere was euphoric and everyone was in high spirits. Then Cephas took to the mic. In just a few minutes, he perfectly captured the sentiment of the occasion and gave everyone a glimpse into what is possible for us as a community if we continued to change the narrative. Giving everyone the sense that this was just the start!”


Mac Alonge - Founder and CEO at The Equal Group

Accenture Global Leadership Conference - Lisbon, Portugal

Key Note / Q&A

"Cephas Captured The Hearts And Minds

Of Everyone In The Room"

“Cephas captured the hearts and minds of everyone in the room, he speaks from the heart and conveys raw experiences that really helped people to think differently and truly develop real empathy and much needed understanding.


Something strange and wonderful also happened. Initially when Cephas started speaking about his experiences as a young Black man, I watched my African and Caribbean colleagues listen with trepidation. As he continued, he unlocked a huge sense of pride and openness and they each thanked him for tabling a conversation they felt they couldn’t have. It was truly transformative”

Zahra Bahrololoumi - CEO UK&I, Salesforce

Cannes Lions Festival - Nice, France
Key Note / Fireside Chat

"His Talk And Our Partnership Has Captured The Imagination Of Our Entire Business"

"Cephas has a dynamic speaker presence. He's delivery is thoughtful, positive, insightful and engaging; And allows for his audience to gain a different perspective on the Black experience in the UK and the media's influence on the cultivation of stereotypes.


He spent the time to interact and answer questions from staff with great energy and enthusiasm. His talk and our partnership has captured the imagination of our entire business. You'll not be disappointed when hiring Cephas in to speak to your business."


Caroline Forbes - Specialist Partner, Clear Channel UK

What's Possible 2020 - London, UK

Key Note

"He Has Stop You In Your Tracks Realness"

"Cephas struck me as hands-down the stand-out speaker at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.  He has stop-you-in-your-tracks realness; standing on stage and sharing pivotal life moments that now power his mission to change the social narrative and bring great architecture to the community.


His words inspired me to get my agency involved in supporting the movement he’s creating, and I was proud to host Cephas on stage at The Specialist Works’ annual What’s Possible conference in front of around 350 influential marketers and media owners"



Matthew Pover - Chief Client Officer, The Specialist Works

Stop you in your tracks

Exec Board Meeting - Central London, UK

"His Message Is Meaningful"

"Cephas delivers with passion.  His message is meaningful and stimulates the subject on diversity that goes beyond data and the impact on the bottom line.  He makes you feel the problem and leave with an ambition to be involved in the change.  


I respect this man enormously and Russam will continue to engage and support Cephas' mission as much as we can."


Cathy Kay - Managing Partner, Russam


Cephas Williams

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