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A Platform for Brands & a Platform for Good

Clear Channel UK is part of Clear Channel Outdoor - one of the world’s leading Out of Home media owners. Here in the UK they operate more than 35,000 sites nationwide, from Inverness in Scotland to Truro in Cornwall and in every major urban area in between.

Out of Home is a strong proposition for advertisers, It's why Out of Home has the ability to deliver their advertisers’ media objectives, from brand building to activation, and whether complementing or competing with other media channels. It's the perfect Platform for Brands.

But Clear Channel are more than a media owner. They champion the idea that they have a responsibility to serve our communities and make a positive contribution to society. They continually invest in infrastructure and projects to find new and interesting ways to continue to make Out of Home a Platform for Good.

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  Photograph of Cephas Williams & William Eccleshare        Worldwide CEO of Clear Channel International    


   Photograph of the 'Letter to Zion' campaign on The Cromination   

   Photography by Casey Guteridge, CPG Photography   

Clear Channel introduce Cephas to Talon

As Cephas prepared to launch the 'Letter to Zion' campaign in 2020, he received early commitment from Clear Channel toward amplifying the campaign image across billboards and to further support his ambitions for the Black British Network 'BBN' alongside companies like Alfa Systems, O2 (Telefónica), Ernst & Young LLP and Lucky Generals who have all committed to the BBN's 4 Key Deliverables, to work together and bring long lasting change to systemic racism.

Clear Channel, who have been working with Cephas since 2019, connected Talon to Cephas as part of an ongoing conversation to united the power of OOH media toward his vision, using it as a force for good, in line with the Clear Channel fairness pillar and Cephas' mission to bring seismic / systemic change by working together


This is the start of an ongoing and powerful relationship that will be committed to supporting Cephas further and supporting the BBN in driving the change we need to see in this country and the wider world.


   Photograph of the 'Letter to Zion' campaign on The Cromination   

   Photography by Casey Guteridge, CPG Photography   

Let's Not Forget

Nationwide Billboard Campaign

In May 2020, Cephas partnered with Clear Channel to initiate a nationwide billboard campaign amplifying the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Aubrey and many other African Americans killed by police brutality over the years.

This was informed by the sequence of racist acts including that took place in the first half of the year. Ahmaud Aubrey who was shot whilst jogging on the 23 February 2020, Breonna Taylor, a Black medical worker who was shot and killed by Louisville police officers on the 13 March 2020 during a botched raid on her apartment, Amy Cooper who weaponised the fact that she was a white woman against Christian Cooper, a Black man who was simply birdwatching in Central Park, this incident in New York happened on May 25, 2020, which is the same day George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.

This sequence of racists acts led to a movement that sock the world including a heavy string of demonstrations and marches in the UK.


Watch this video to hear Cephas explain the importance of the campaign.


   Photograph of Cephas Williams & Caroline Forbes   

   Specialist Partner at Clear Channel and advisor at 56 Black Men   

I Am Not My Stereotype

Nationwide Billboard Campaign

In 2019, Cephas partnered with Clear Channel to initiate a nationwide billboard campaign across the UK of the 56 Black Men portrait series.

Cephas & Clear Channel are committed to

utilising the medium of OOH media as a force for good. As an asset that sits within the hearts of communities there is a desire to not only give a voice to brands, but to give a voice to the people.


   Photograph of Cephas Williams, Richard Bon (Managing    Director at Clear Channel) & Caroline Forbes Specialist     Partner at Clear Channel and advisor at 56 Black Men   

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