Seven Hills is a London based Public Relations Firm, who champion the idea of campaigning for change.

They believe that business can be a positive force for good and that trust and credibility are the cornerstones of commercial success in an untrusting and unforgiving market. In this context, it is organisations with clear and ambitious missions that cut through, foster belief, build followings, unlock growth and achieve momentum.

   Photograph of Nick Gile, Cephas Williams & Micheal Hayman    

   Nick & Micheal are the Co-Founders of Seven Hills    

Cephas at Capital Conversation

Over the years Cephas has worked with Seven Hills as part of his PR/Coms effort. Here is a video of Cephas speaking with Michael on Capital Conversation.

Capital Conversation Episode 49

For PR enquiries please contact Seven Hills

   Photograph of Nick Gile, Cephas Williams, Caroline Forbes  & Richard Bon    

   At the US Embassy for the Seven Hills Change Makers Summit   

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