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Cathy Kay

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Managing Partner at Russam

"It is hard to ignore Cephas Williams.  His drive and determination to ‘change the narrative for the black community’ is a message that we need to listen to and, if we can, support with time and investment.

As a professional recruiter concerned with the lack of diversity in our network at all levels in business from the Boardroom and beyond, I reached out to Cephas because I was curious about the 56 Black Men campaign and am keen to explore ways we can work together for mutual benefit. 

I then invited Cephas to talk to our Non-Executive Director community.  Russam are technical sponsors of the Winmark events for NED’s.  The monthly round table lunches are events created to share experiences and educate board members in areas that are critical to the success of their businesses.  We had already agreed to host the Diversity event and it was a great opportunity for Cephas to share his story which never fails to engage and help people understand the seriousness and impact of the lack of diversity in business. 

Cephas delivers with passion.  His message is meaningful and stimulates the subject on diversity that goes beyond data and the impact on the bottom line.  He makes you feel the problem and leave with an ambition to be involved in the change.  

The mood in the room was mixed – we had the already converted, defensive behaviours and some guests seemed uncomfortable. Cephas rises above any awkward interaction with the group. He made himself available to talk to every person in the room and I know he has already found additional allies. 

I respect this man enormously and Russam will continue to engage and support Cephas' mission as much as we can."

Cathy Kay -Managing Partner at Russam

13th of October - Exec Board Meeting, Central London, UK


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