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Malik Juma

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

11 years old - Founder of ‘I Am King’ @ Apple - London, UK

"My first impression of Cephas was someone I could relate to and his message resonated with me. When we had a conversation I felt comfortable reasoning with him as he seemed down to earth. 

When he spoke he was passionate, he was very confident and spoke with high energy. 

I felt motivated when Cephas spoke, I could relate to him and hearing him encouraged me to keep doing what I do. I think he can also motivate a lot of other young kings as well.

I really enjoyed the experience and learned and gained a lot from his keynote and workshop at Apple UK."

Malik Juma - 11 years old - Founder of ‘I Am King’

Description of event

Cephas gave a key note talk at the Apple Store in Regent Street on the 31st of August 2019. He also lead a workshop for the people that attended to take pictures of each other, using this as a way to connect with each other and share their stories.


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